Jechoniah is available for a variety of events.


Jechoniah can draw your portrait in two peculiarly distinct styles. The solemn victorian style gives a dead-on likeness. This is drawn over a photograph and takes a bit more time but you don’t have to sit and hold the pose. The other is a unique sketch style that is fun and quick and full of quirk. This style will get you a bit more than the usual 8-10 drawings per hour.

Either can be ordered online if you supply a high quality photograph to work from.

At events with electrical access, Jech can draw and print 4×6 photos and 2×3 stickers for you and your guests.

Pricing starts at $100 for the first hour and $75 each additional hour. Printing incurs extra cost.

Royal Balloon Party

Clowns at birthday parties are great but are quickly outgrown. Jechoniah developed the Royal Balloon Party for those that are too old, too cool, or just don’t like clowns. He’ll come at teach your kid (or you!) and a small group of siblings/friends how to twist balloons into sculptures.

This can be part of the party or more intriguingly, before the party. Then the guest of honor can further garner the the fawning attention of their guests as they twist balloons for the crowd. Either way Jech will teach you how to easily tie and twist amazing balloon sculptures.

Sure we’ll do dogs and doves and swords but there’s so much more than that. Abstract balloon hats seem to be a perennial pleaser.

Pricing starts at $80 for the first hour and $50 each additional hour.  Classes max out at 8 kids (more than that degrades the experience for the participants) and work best with kids who are at least 8 years old.

*Not just for kids*
Want to impress your kids? Learn to twist a few choice balloon sculptures. It one of those skills, like juggling (which I can teach you also), that never fails to make an impression.


Best The Jester Stage Show

Jechoniah will take on all challengers in the jeering, juggling, jubile of jest. What can he juggle? What can’t he juggle!

Knights’ Training Competition

We have a knights’ training competition where participants test their skill in a number of events. Custom twisted balloon equipment keeps everything safe and indoor friendly of course. ¬†Photo-ops abound and all are knighted in a special closing ceremony.